Think you may have broken or lost a filling?

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Here’s a quick symptom check to see if your filling may be the problem:

Is one tooth very sensitive to hot, cold or sweet food and drinks?
Does it hurt to bite?
Experiencing sudden sensitivity or constant tooth pain?
Can you move the filling with your tongue?
Does it look like a piece may be missing from your tooth?
Are you struggling to floss in an area where you had no problems before?
Are there any jagged or rough areas that you can feel with your tongue?
Portrait of a young woman suffering from toothache

4 risks of not getting treatment quickly

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    Because your tooth is no longer protected, food can build up in the broken area which can lead to infections and bad breath.

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    Decay underneath the filling may be what caused it to weaken or fall out in the first place. It’s important to catch the problem before it gets worse.

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    If the broken filling is sharp it can cut into your tongue which becomes more painful as the wounds won’t be able to heal until the filling is treated.

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    The already-damaged tooth may break or start to crumble because it is no longer supported. This can make it difficult to replace the filling because it won’t have enough to ‘grip’ on to. You don’t want to put yourself at risk for needing more invasive treatment, like an extraction.

What can you do right now to help save your tooth?

Use antiseptic mouthwash
Gently brush and floss the area to flush out any food particles
Avoid eating on that side
Sensitivity to sweetness, with no visible signs of decayBe careful when chewing and try to avoid anything hard or sticky
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