Dealing with a chipped, cracked or broken tooth?

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If you’ve had an accident and suffered an injury, or bitten down on something hard that’s damaged your tooth, it’s understandable to be really worried!

You might be in a lot of pain, and struggling to eat or sleep.

Or on the other hand, you may not feel a thing and be wondering whether you even need treatment at all.

If your tooth isn’t hurting, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. If left untreated, you may develop an infection that can spread and may lead to the need for a tooth extraction.

If your tooth is chipped or broken, you may be dealing with:

Pain while chewing
Sensitivity to hot and cold
Shooting pain that comes and goes
Soreness of the tongue or cheek caused by a rough or sharp-edged tooth
Swelling in your mouth or on your cheek
Sad little Asian boy suffering from toothache pain in mouth while eating candy.

It’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible, to prevent further breakage of the tooth or infection. We’re available 7 days a week, every week of the years, and we have extended hours so we can see you when your regular dentist is too busy.

The treatment we’ll recommend depends on how badly your tooth has been damaged. We will assess your condition and offer recommendations, so you can decide what’s best for you.

Migraine.Canon 1DsMk2.Natural light.Headache:

What you can do before you see our dentist

Rinse the pieces of the chipped or broken tooth before storing them in a container of milk, ready to bring to our clinic
Swish warm salt water around your mouth
If there’s bleeding, gently apply a piece of gauze
To reduce any swelling, hold a cold compress against your face, over the affected area
Take over-the-counter painkillers (such as Advil or Tylenol), if needed
If brushing or flossing around the tooth, be very gentle
Avoid eating on that side of your mouth
Chew your food carefully, steering clear of any hard or sticky foods

In the case of a cracked tooth, you may be experiencing:

Young guy experiencing a tooth ache from eating ice cream isolated on white background
Swelling of the gum around the tooth
Pain when chewing, particularly when releasing biting pressure
Sensitivity to temperature
Sensitivity to sweetness, with no visible signs of decay

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial if you want to save your cracked tooth

Prompt dental care is important because there are several diverse types of cracks that require different treatment approaches.

In some cases, our dentist in Calgary may be able to stop the crack from spreading and causing further problems.

However, if your cracked tooth is not treated, it won’t get better on its own and may later require a tooth extraction or more invasive treatment.

It’s also important to seek dental care quickly. Infection can spread to the bone and gums and is a common complication of a cracked tooth.

Senior man having toothache. Close up.

Symptoms of dental infection include:

A severe toothache that can spread to the jawbone, neck or ear
Pain when chewing
Bad breath
Tender glands
Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold
Woman rinsing and gargling while using mouthwash from a glass, During daily oral hygiene routine, Girl in a pink silk nightwear, Dental Healthcare Concepts

How to self-treat a cracked tooth before your appointment:

You can bite down on gauze to relieve pain
Rinse your mouth with warm salt water
Take over-the-counter medication
Avoid chewing on that side of your mouth
Do not apply pain medications directly to the affected area
Gently brush the cracked tooth, or around it, if you can

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