Lost or knocked out your tooth? Don’t know what to do?

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What you need to do immediately for a knocked-out tooth…

You've come to the right place, Emergency Dental YYC. Our dentist may be able to reattach your tooth, but only if you act fast.

This can mean the difference between saving or permanently losing your tooth. Acting quickly also helps prevent the risk of a nasty infection in your tooth socket.

You should seek treatment within an hour after your tooth being knocked out for the best chance of saving it.

If you haven’t kept the tooth, you may find that getting a dental implant placed is your best solution to saving your smile. You will still want to seek treatment as soon as possible to assess your situation.

If you still have the tooth, work through this checklist:

Pick the tooth up by the crown, not the root
The crown is the section of the tooth you bite with, and the root is the pointy part. Touching the root may damage the tissue that’s helpful when we place your tooth again.
Put the tooth into a container of milk and bring it with you to our clinic
If you’re experiencing bleeding from the opening, rinse your mouth out with water
Biting down on a wad of gauze or tissue can also help stop any bleeding
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